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We’ve all been there. Hiding behind a smile, acting like everything’s ok… When often, it’s not. IYKYK is an invitation to share stories of recovery and hope, allowing community members to share their struggles, tools for overcoming life’s difficult moments, and the victories that come with healing.

Real Stories From
The Community

From every walk of life, we all have a story to tell.

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It is so difficult to watch your loved one struggle with an illness that so many people do not understand and is not a physical illness that they can see.
I was finally able to shed the male stigma, realizing that some of the personal crucibles I was going through were actually needing a therapeutic environment to work through.
Therapy has been indispensable in helping me navigate it and has been the best investment I’ve ever made.
Mental health is just as important or even more important than physical health. You need to be able to talk about it. You are not alone.
Dr. Ranganathan
It starts with just a few words: ‘I’m not in a good place mentally’ or ‘I’m struggling.’
"After being the victim of a near-death hit-and-run accident while on foot, I learned to prioritize my mental health."
Vincent A. Lanci
As someone who had first-hand trauma, I have gotten my power back through mental health advocacy by sharing my story.
I was also blessed to be treated by a cutting-edge virtual reality treatment. These treatments are the reason I am able to share my story today.
Tyler Wilson
You can survive this, you will be okay, you are strong, capable, and loved.
I had no idea it wasn't normal to feel incredibly happy and capable and excited for life one moment and then not have the will or desire to function the next day.

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